About Mike

^Here's Mike, sticking his gut out trying to look like a real beer drinker!

Mike is the gardener at Marvin's Garden Produce. 9 years ago Mike grew a tomato plant upside down on his girlfriend's apartment patio. Since then he has planted seeds in Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Arizona and Texas. Not all of them have germinated, but all of them have been right-side-up. 

I can't keep talking about myself in the third person, its weird. My girlfriend and I live on just over an acre of land in Southwest Louisville. I like growing vegetables, talking about growing vegetables, cheap beer, expensive food and riding bicycles. Stop by on Saturdays starting in May between 9am and 2pm to take a look around if you are curious about gardening.  

Talk to me if you want:

Email: marvinsgp@gmail.com
Call/Text: 502-354-8438

Or just follow along:
Facebook: Marvin's Garden Produce

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