Monday, April 14, 2014

Coming Along

4/14/14 Those green things on those raised beds are Food!

It is a rainy spring morning here in Southwest Louisville, so I decided to take a second to write about what is going on here in the garden.

Greenhouse Successes

For the most part, things have been growing really well in the greenhouse. I had started a bunch of plants indoors and then moved them out to the greenhouse in mid-March, and they promptly sagged over and looked more or less dead. I decided to give up on all but a couple of the trays, threw them out and started over with fresh seeds. Well, I posted a pic of the red russian kale in the greenhouse last post, that was one of the trays I decided to keep...Oops. The good news is, the stuff I re-started in the greenhouse isn't too far behind those kale plants (which are now out in the garden), and nearly all of my spring cole crops are either in the ground or ready to be put there (weather permitting).

In the Ground

Outdoors, I have all of my spring root crops planted and they are popping up along with lots of lettuces, kale, mustard, spinach and chard for salad mixes and bunched greens. Everything is late compared to prior experiences, but I keep reminding myself that we got snow on March 25th, which is only 3 weeks ago.

CSA Shares Still Available

I will start selling weekly shares on 5/25, which is a couple of weeks later than my plan, but I want to give some time for some of the root crops (and hopefully some broccoli!) to get to a good size. The first few weeks will include lots of salad greens as well as a bunch or two of large leaf greens along with root crops like green onions, radishes, turnips and weird stuff like Kohlrabi. I will also be including a bunch of fresh herbs in each week's CSA.

If you don't know what a CSA is, there is a good explanation here. Basically, I grow vegetables and you come by and pick up a bag of them every week. It's a pretty cool deal, and I think I will be offering a good variety of produce throughout the season for only $15/week. If you are interested in signing up for shares, email or call 502 354 8438

Plant Sale/Swap Coming Soon

I will be picking out a date soon for a plant sale and swap, probably in Mid-May. I am looking for perennial herbs like rosemary, lavender, mint, thyme and other delicious or medicinal herbs. I will have odd tomato varieties, peppers, different types of basil, and some other odds and ends as well as hostas, lamb's ear, and another variety of perennial yard decoration I am evicting.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

CSA Shares Available Starting May 25th!!!!

The greenhouse is coming along well, and the rest of the garden along with it. Spring Brassicas will be ready for transplanting next week, which is later than I anticipated, but this spring took a little extra time to get ramped up. 

Red Russian Kale quickly outgrowing its temporary quarters
Out in the field, I have planted peas, potatoes, carrots, turnips, radishes, lettuces and other greens for spring mixes. Onions and garlic are coming to life after their winter dormancy and more onions are in the greenhouse sizing up nicely right behind them. Beans, Squash, Cucumbers and melons will probably go in next week or the week after. 

In a few months these will be 4' tall with 1 lb + tomatoes on them!!!
Oh, and I have some tomato plants started too. Like, 1000, maybe, with lots of different varieties. Brandywines were the first out of their blocks, but Pink Oxhearts, Black Cherries, Yellow Taxis and Striped Romans and Amish Pastes weren't far behind. As the greenhouse heats up, I expect they will really start to boom. 

And they aren't alone. I have red, yellow, orange, purple, brown and white sweet peppers that are starting to pop up too.

I probably won't be the first to market with my tomatoes and peppers, but I will put up a challenge for the prettiest varieties grown, at least.

If any - and hopefully all - of this sounds good, let me know. I have space available in the CSA and shares are $300 for 20 weeks of beautiful, fresh, delicious and just downright amazing produce. My first share will be going out on May 22nd, so there is still plenty of time to let me know you want to get on board. 

Friday, February 28, 2014

I am looking for a Work Share Member!

That sounds great, Mike, but what is a Work Share Member? Well, thank you for asking - imaginary person that is helping me get this post started - a work share is a CSA member that trades their labor for a weekly share of produce from my garden. This is a perfect opportunity for someone with some gardening experience to work on a one acre garden and see how produce is marketed to the community.

The member will work one day a month for a 4 hour period harvesting, planting, working or doing whatever else needs to get done in the garden. In return, the member will receive a weekly share of produce that can be picked up from my house each week.

I think that one of my roles as a market grower (a fancy term for those of us not ready to call ourselves farmers) is to introduce people to the process of growing food. I know farmers who started out as work shares. It is a great way to get to spend some time taking part in local agriculture. Also, I am awesome, and you will get to hang out with me for 4 hours every month, which is pretty great.

If you are interested or if you know someone who might be interested, please tell them to email me at and put work share in the title.

Monday, February 3, 2014

I'm a Salesman!?

I am a pretty good gardener. I also really like the idea of signing people up for a CSA as I think it is a great way to connect people to their food. But, for whatever reason, I am all nerves when it comes to spreading the word about my brand spanking new CSA in person. 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

2014 CSA Memberships Available!

I am excited to announce that I have completed my growing plan for 2014 and I have decided to start a 10 member CSA program. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and it is a way for consumers to connect with local farms. CSA members of Marvin's Garden Produce pay a one-time fee of $300 and in exchange receive 20 weeks of produce from my garden. You can take a look at the CSA schedule here.

Monday, August 12, 2013

5 Reasons I Grow My Own Food

I was asked by a friend to write some reasons why I started growing my own food for a newsletter he sends out. He was nice enough to let me also publish it here.

The first thing I ever grew was a green pepper on the patio of my apartment in 2006. It was gross, it turned out we were growing a variety that wasn't good for container growing. I'll call that lesson one. I don't know what lesson I am on now, but it is in the triple digits, I am sure. Since then I have become consumed (HA!) with growing my own food. Since I started growing, and helping others grow, I have found that there a few main reasons that keep getting me back out in the yard.

To the left is a picture of me watering my tomato plants in my greenhouse in 2012. I miss those Tom's...

Thursday, April 12, 2012

"You Need to Update This Thing"

The title is a direct quote from my girlfriend when I sent her to the blog to retrieve my address - I still don't know my garden's address. Also, for the last couple of days I have been pretty tired, so wasting some time this morning writing this will be a nice break.