Friday, February 27, 2015

2015 CSA Share Commercial and FAQ

First, for the important stuff, I'm a film maker, ya'll. Well, if using iMovie on my girlfriend's laptop makes me a filmmaker anyway. So I made this commercial:

Check it out and marvel at all of the vegetableness. Then, give me a call and set up an order and find out how you can get an extra two weeks free!!!! I will do a CSA FAQ after the break...

Call Mike at 502 354 8438 or email to order or with any questions that aren't answered below. You can also pay online using the paypal button on this page.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Farmer Looking for Long-Term Relationships

Press Release: 3/1/15

A share from the 2014 CSA season at Marvin's Garden Produce

Mike Mayberry, gardener at Marvin's Garden Produce in Louisville, KY is on a mission. He is looking to become the main source of organic vegetables for some local families during the growing season.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Four Figure Farmer - The 2014 Growing Season

Early Spring, 2014

*WARNING* This post is mostly about my experience as a grower and may be downright boring to almost everybody. I still really want people to read this, I just thought I should get that out there.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Looking for a few strong backs/hungry stomachs

Will you work for this food???

I work by myself most of the time. It works out, because I talk and or sing to myself a lot, which might be weird in polite company. But I do like help, on occasion. That is why my CSA includes work/shares. 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Week 16 - Share content list and a recipe

In the skillet - Sun Golds, Garlic, Purple Beans, Baby Zephyr and Patipan Squash

This week, I didn't take a good picture of the shares, but all of the items in the photo went out to you, along with some other good stuff. 

Share Contents -

Sun Gold Tomatoes
Baby Squash (with blossoms)
Purple Beans (Green when cooked)
Salad Mix
Red Radishes

This may be the last of the garlic, ditto the carrots. I planted both white and yellow carrots for fall, but both rows were overwhelmed and choked out by weeds. I will have more paste tomatoes for next week that are still pretty good as a fresh tomato, but are great for canning, stewing or salsaing. 

I included baby squash that are almost small enough to be bite-sized, tender and taste pretty good. This will be your first week of radishes from the fall crop, one last round of purple beans and a slightly less spicy now that the arugula is out of the mix salad mix.

Here's a recipe (the photo at the top) that I made up from part of this week's share:

Garden Summer Skillet

1 pint Green Beans
1 pint Sun Gold Cherry Tomatoes
1 pint Baby Squash (minus blossoms)
2 cloves Garlic
1/8 cup Olive oil
1/8 cup Stock
Splash of White Wine Vinegar
Italian Seasonings to taste

I like my squash cooked to the point the are almost mushy, so they went into the oil first alone for 1-2 minutes. Then I added the cherry tomatoes (any variety will work, but by now, I am sure you'll agree Sun Golds are superior) and green beans. I let that cook with the lid on the skillet for a few minutes on medium heat. Then I added the stock, vinegar seasoning and garlic. With lid on, it cooked for 5 more minutes on medium heat, then 20 minutes more on low. If you wanted to get really fancy, you could bread the blossoms and pan fry them in the oil as an edible garnish. I would use med-high heat to pan fry.

We had this with meatballs and risotto. 

Week 15

Week 15 - Spicy Salad Mix (Mizuna, Arugula, Beet Greens, Lamb's Quarter, Red and Green Lettuce), Roma and Sun Gold Tomatoes, Sugar Baby watermelon, Cucumbers, Sweet Peppers, Red Onions and Roma Beans.

For the next couple of weeks, all members can come to my house and pick up extra roma tomatoes for only $8 per 10 lb basket. I would be happy to discount them even more if you are interested in buying a lot for canning (I have lots of great paste varieties!).

This week is also the first week that some of my fall crops are coming in. For the rest of the season, expect a nice salad mix along with a nice mix of summer and fall veggies. I can't believe there are only 5 weeks left. This summer has really went by fast.

Week 17 - End of Summer Madness Blowout Basket!!!!

Salad Mix, Paste and Saladette Tomatoes, Yellow Filet Beans, Zephyr Squash, Cayenne Peppers, Okra, Eggplant, Sweet Peppers, Garlic
Well, a couple of slow-growers decided to make a showing this week. First, my Okra plants have really struggled this year, and this is the first week I have had enough to give to all of the shares. I don't expect I will be able to get another harvest out the plants as the weather is really beginning to cool. Also, red cayenne peppers are finally here. I swear there have been green peppers on these plants for over a month and they were not ripening. Well, something finally happened right. If you want more, let me know as I won't put them in the shares again, but you can definitely get some more as there are lots of them right now.

Also, this week we are likely saying goodbye to tomatoes. Once the weather cools, I don't think the taste is as good, and you have received tomatoes from me every week for the past 8, so you are probably about tomatoe-d out. Zephyr squash is back again, and these are the last couple of heads of garlic I've got for you. Remember, garlic will last for months in a dark cabinet, so I am just getting you ready for the winter (or part of it, at least).