Thursday, July 16, 2015

Week 8 - Summertime Suppertime

Hello, and welcome to Louisville, KY, a newly minted tropical rainforest. So far this month, according to my neighbor, we've got more than 10 inches of rain. That's more than usual, in case you wondered.

All of this rain has made playing in the garden slightly less joyful, but there is still plenty of produce to enjoy...

This weeks share includes:

Cherry Tomatoes
Salad Tomatoes
Green Beans
Daikon Radish

Click the link for an easy recipe for the daikon radish and okra. The daikon pickles are good on sandwiches or as a snack. If you eat a lot of Asian cuisine, you will realize you've already had daikon pickles before. You didn't get a huge portion of okra this week, so it will be an awfully small side dish of okra, but the recipe is really good. You could actually cook the potatoes up with the okra if you wanted.

Enjoy everything, ya'll. 

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