Wednesday, June 17, 2015

2015 Week 4 - Whole-a-whole-lot-a-Love(age)

This week is the first week (of several) that you will receive potatoes. This week you get to try out Irish Cobbler potatoes which is a popular variety with gardeners. It is earlier than many other varieties, and it has an Irish accent and makes shoes in its spare time. 

In all seriousness, there was a pretty big potato-related disaster here in the garden which means there will be no purple potatoes until the fall and there will be no red potatoes at all this year in your shares. Long story short, I planted 100 lbs of potatoes, it rained 7 inches and the potatoes turned to mush. So, 100 + 7 = mush. But, there will be plenty of yukon golds and a couple of varieties of fingerling potatoes to try over the coming weeks.

Here's this weeks share:

Salad Mix
Lovage and Chives

I found this recipe for Lovage and Potato Soup. I haven't tried that one out, but when it comes to soups, I find that if I like the ingredients, I will like the end product. 

Or, you could try this cabbage and potato bake.

This week I got a little (a lot, actually) help from our friends, Christine and Carrie, two of our work/shares. Christine and I picked suckers (probably not as tasty as they sound) and got poured on. Carrie will be here to help me on Saturday, I don't know what we did, yet.

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