Thursday, March 1, 2012

Only 3 weeks to go!

I will only be in Texas for 3 more weeks! I am getting really excited to get started on my own in Louisville. I have onions, parsley and swiss chard I have been growing here in Texas that will make the trip north with me, along with a few flats of tomatoes and other items I am starting early in hopes of getting them to the market faster. 

I finished my last farmer's market here in Texas last night, and I will miss my friends and fellow gardeners in Manor, TX, but I look forward to meeting a new bunch of people at the markets starting in May. 

Now that I am about done with my garden here, the majority of the rest of my time in Austin will be spent on the driver's seat of a pedicab during the South by Southwest Music Festival. The day after it is over I will be heading north - hopefully with my pockets full of money. If anyone is wondering, I won't be taking the pedicab to Louisville, it would be a bit too long of a ride and I will have a hard enough time hauling everything else up there as it is. 

So, expect pictures of my freshly built greenhouse, lasagna garden rows (explanation will accompany pics) and things sprouting up out of the ground toward the end of the month. Until then, as Marvin would say, "damn it feels good to be a gardner."

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