Thursday, January 29, 2015

Week 17 - End of Summer Madness Blowout Basket!!!!

Salad Mix, Paste and Saladette Tomatoes, Yellow Filet Beans, Zephyr Squash, Cayenne Peppers, Okra, Eggplant, Sweet Peppers, Garlic
Well, a couple of slow-growers decided to make a showing this week. First, my Okra plants have really struggled this year, and this is the first week I have had enough to give to all of the shares. I don't expect I will be able to get another harvest out the plants as the weather is really beginning to cool. Also, red cayenne peppers are finally here. I swear there have been green peppers on these plants for over a month and they were not ripening. Well, something finally happened right. If you want more, let me know as I won't put them in the shares again, but you can definitely get some more as there are lots of them right now.

Also, this week we are likely saying goodbye to tomatoes. Once the weather cools, I don't think the taste is as good, and you have received tomatoes from me every week for the past 8, so you are probably about tomatoe-d out. Zephyr squash is back again, and these are the last couple of heads of garlic I've got for you. Remember, garlic will last for months in a dark cabinet, so I am just getting you ready for the winter (or part of it, at least).

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