Monday, February 3, 2014

I'm a Salesman!?

I am a pretty good gardener. I also really like the idea of signing people up for a CSA as I think it is a great way to connect people to their food. But, for whatever reason, I am all nerves when it comes to spreading the word about my brand spanking new CSA in person. 

I am not shy or anything like that, either. I think my new-found nerves stem from my disgust with invading other peoples' space - even when I believe what I am invading with is awesome.

But, as I spend part of my time starting plants in the green house, I am trying to go out to a new place or two each day with information about my CSA. I don't really know any better way to do it. I am at a bit of a disadvantage in that I am not from Louisville originally, so I don't have a large group of friends and family to help me spread the word. I do not have much of an advertisement budget either, so mass-promotion doesn't really work either. That leaves me and my best sense of decorum going door to door to businesses with my wares, so to speak.

So if you have found yourself here because I left some information at your office, I am psyched that you have found your way to my site. Also, if you were the person that I talked to at a particular place, next time we talk I will sound more like a normal human being, I swear!

I can't wait to fill my my CSA so that I can go back to what I am pretty good at, and leave this sales stuff to the professionals.


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