Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Looking for a few strong backs/hungry stomachs

Will you work for this food???

I work by myself most of the time. It works out, because I talk and or sing to myself a lot, which might be weird in polite company. But I do like help, on occasion. That is why my CSA includes work/shares. 

A work/share is a CSA member that gets a weekly share, but instead of paying the membership fee, the work/share member works 5 one-half day shifts a season instead.

That's 20 hours of work in the garden for 20 weeks of delicious produce. Not a bad deal. In fact, it is the perfect deal for someone who is low-income (like me) or is looking for a little more gardening experience but doesn't have space or time to take on a garden of their own (the opposite of me).

I have a couple of people that are interested, and I would like 5 or more work/shares.

Please contact me, Mike, at marvinsgp@gmail.com or 502 354 8438 for more information.

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