Monday, May 25, 2015

2015 Week 1 - Spring is Springing

I know that most gardeners are all about the glory of a mid-summer garden; Tomato plants strung full of ripe fruit, mammoth sunflowers stretching toward the sky, corn so tall you could get lost in it, you get the imagery.

Not me. I like right now. To me on mornings like today the world is full of possibility and everything is just coming into its own. I don't think I would trade all of the things I love about Kentucky to be somewhere else, but I think this is what a garden in San Diego must look like all year long.

Sorry to wax on about spring, but it really is the best, and so is this share:

Salad Mix
Red Russian Kale
Japanese Turnips
Mixed Radishes
Spring Herb Mix
Green Onions
Jalapeño Jelly

Hungry yet? I hope so. I would say you have enough for a few salads with the salad mix, herb mix, green onions, turnips (yes, you can eat these turnips raw on salads) and radishes. 

You can also take the turnip greens, radish greens, herb mix and kale and make a delicious hot salad. If you have never done this before, its pretty easy. Just put all of the greens (kale stems removed) in the biggest pot you have with some oil and a little stock (bacon grease and homemade stock are the best!!!) in it over medium heat and stir the greens around until they have reduced down to a uniform consistency. I dress my greens with a little salt and pepper and some vinegar (try different types, I like greens with garlic white wine vinegar). If the texture of this is a little too chewy, you can put the greens in a food processor before or after to get rid of some of the stringiness. 

The turnips are also delicious roasted. That recipe is on my recipe page.

This broccoli is called Happy Rich and it is sweeter and smaller than normal broccoli (it is actually a cross of two different brassica family crops and not true broccoli). I like it in stir fries, but truly you can use it in any broccoli recipe. You will receive this variety again either next week or the following week before the regular broccoli crop comes in.

This week, for herbs you will get some sorrel (large leaves), some sprigs of salad burnet (tiny leaves) and some lovage (stalk with parsley shaped leaves). If you make smoothies, try substituting in the sorrel in place of whatever greens you normally use. It has a cool, tart flavor. Salad burnet tastes a little like cucumber and is good in a salad, hence the name. And lovage has a flavor similar to celery and goes well in soups or salads.

The jalapeño jelly is made from jalapeños and sweet peppers from my garden last fall. It is really good on bagels with cream cheese but also makes a kind of cool flavor for a PB&J sandwich. 

I would love pics of whatever you all decide to make either in the comments or email/facebook them to me.

This week was made possible by help from work/share members Ann, Tabitha and Gina. These ladies were a huge help this week!

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