Monday, April 14, 2014

Coming Along

4/14/14 Those green things on those raised beds are Food!

It is a rainy spring morning here in Southwest Louisville, so I decided to take a second to write about what is going on here in the garden.

Greenhouse Successes

For the most part, things have been growing really well in the greenhouse. I had started a bunch of plants indoors and then moved them out to the greenhouse in mid-March, and they promptly sagged over and looked more or less dead. I decided to give up on all but a couple of the trays, threw them out and started over with fresh seeds. Well, I posted a pic of the red russian kale in the greenhouse last post, that was one of the trays I decided to keep...Oops. The good news is, the stuff I re-started in the greenhouse isn't too far behind those kale plants (which are now out in the garden), and nearly all of my spring cole crops are either in the ground or ready to be put there (weather permitting).

In the Ground

Outdoors, I have all of my spring root crops planted and they are popping up along with lots of lettuces, kale, mustard, spinach and chard for salad mixes and bunched greens. Everything is late compared to prior experiences, but I keep reminding myself that we got snow on March 25th, which is only 3 weeks ago.

CSA Shares Still Available

I will start selling weekly shares on 5/25, which is a couple of weeks later than my plan, but I want to give some time for some of the root crops (and hopefully some broccoli!) to get to a good size. The first few weeks will include lots of salad greens as well as a bunch or two of large leaf greens along with root crops like green onions, radishes, turnips and weird stuff like Kohlrabi. I will also be including a bunch of fresh herbs in each week's CSA.

If you don't know what a CSA is, there is a good explanation here. Basically, I grow vegetables and you come by and pick up a bag of them every week. It's a pretty cool deal, and I think I will be offering a good variety of produce throughout the season for only $15/week. If you are interested in signing up for shares, email or call 502 354 8438

Plant Sale/Swap Coming Soon

I will be picking out a date soon for a plant sale and swap, probably in Mid-May. I am looking for perennial herbs like rosemary, lavender, mint, thyme and other delicious or medicinal herbs. I will have odd tomato varieties, peppers, different types of basil, and some other odds and ends as well as hostas, lamb's ear, and another variety of perennial yard decoration I am evicting.

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