Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Step on a rake, the garden gets a break

I am not the most coordinated person in the world. Neither are you, most likely. The difference is, I have proof. I was taking a tray of plants out to the garden to transplant, I put them down, stumbled backward and stepped on my garden rake. A tooth of the rake went through my shoe and into my foot. Ouch. Stupid, clumsy, me.

So, I am taking it easy for a couple of days so that my foot can magically fill the hole left in it by the rake tooth (I decided against leaving it in there, garden rakes don't go with some of my outfits). While I rest, the garden is growing. Here is my weekly pic from my back fence:

4/21/14 - Food is slowly becoming more visible than dirt!

With some rest, hopefully I will be ready by the weekend to till up the big green area on the other side of the existing garden, because the summer crops in the greenhouse will be ready for their new home soon. Talk to you in a week or so...


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